Stop Dreaming, Start Doing–DIY MFA Workshop MUST!

Hi Everyone!
Big news! There’s an amazing opportunity offered by Gabriela Pereira, founder of DIY MFA and major advocate for Writer’s Digest fanatics and/or writers in general.
Starting TODAY, she’s offering a FREE introduction to her STOP DREAMING, START DOING workshop to help you write more, write better, and write smarter. And if you’re a writer who loves learning more about mastering the craft of writing, you might be interested in exploring additional resources from a professional in the publishing business (resources that will continue your writing education at a reasonable price…a way to learn “MFA” lessons without spending costly paychecks on tuition).
These videos will help you learn more about the craft of writing and build skills so you can stay resilient when the going gets tough. You’ll get instant access to the first video, with further lessons coming later this week.
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.37.49 AM.png
In this video workshop you will discover…
• How to get your words on the page, so you can see your name in print and hold that book in your hands.
• My go-to writing technique so you can stop following other people’s bad advice and create a writing practice that works for you.
• How to DIY your writing MFA, so you can “get the knowledge without the college.”
• Key mindset shifts that will help you be more effective and resilient in your writing.
• A way to connect with the hearts and minds of your readers, so you can craft a story that makes them say: “This was meant for me.”
But don’t wait because these videos will only be available for a limited time. Join today by clicking this link.
P. S. If you decide you liked this video and take the next step (sign up for her course through my link, the link provided in this post), I will send you a FREE plot template (breakdown) of James Scott Bell’s Superstructure, a “plantser” outline of 14 major “signpost” scenes needed in every story. These signposts are the heart of my current monthly column on DIY MFA, Let’s Talk Books. You can see my latest column (on Doorway #1).
P. S. S. This is a great way to get motivated (and prepare) for NaNoWriMo!
Feel free to reach out to me individually if you have any questions! Just send me an email via my contact page.
All the best,
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.41.48 AM

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